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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to pot selling

It may look out of focus, but the glaze details are actually runny looking.

A pocket vase for putting on a small ledge or window sill, or maybe at the back of a well used area (like my desk).

 Another pocket vase with geological features, in tones of Mars.

Votive candle stand with a little roof and cut-out details.

I love this teapot with it's bright contrast of tan handle and the depths of the blues.

 A couple of goblets that want to be used for a toast at a party.

 A raku glazed vase with a kinky spout and colors.

 Another rauk vase with lots of spouts and colors.

 A more traditional turquoise vase with three pleats in tan.

 My favorite spiral centered bowl of celadon and cobalt.

The scene of my mountains, in a modern rendition of a bas relief with carvings as well as added pieces, then glazed with multiple colors. 

The labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral now in clay!
Triple Labryinth as is shown at Newgrange site in Ireland.
These pieces will be on display for the next couple of Saturdays at the Black Mountain Tailgate Market.  If you wish to purchase one, and happen to not be around NC in the next couple of weeks...leave me a comment and we can work out an Etsy shop purchase for you right here on line!  Delivered right to your own mailbox!

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  1. Boy you've been busy, good luck at the tailgate sale, that's a great teapot and such a unique raku vase, cool.


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