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Monday, March 12, 2012

To whoever reads my blogs

Why I'm writing to whoever reads my blogs?
Well, my comment on my last one included 2 thoughts, and I decided nobody would even read them in a comment section.

First, if you comment here, and I "reply" do you get that reply in your email or where?

(And if you comment as anonymous, and I reply to you, does my reply go anywhere at all?)

...and second, how can I get the comment box to have larger face type size? It's sooo tiny when I want to reply to you. Is there a setting somewhere? I know blogger help should have this somewhere, but I'm too lazy to wade through it all. (Incidentally I use the old blogger format, cause I know how to navigate around it, and the newer one is too confusing for me).

Mr and Mrs Mallard at the lake.

Pear tree across street, Mar 10, 2012

Pear tree buds 3.10.12 (may be in full bloom by the 21st)

Pear blossoms about to burst near the lake (a bit warmer than up the hill where I live, about half mile away)

I noticed the post photo was way too dark of this "impressionistic glaze", so here it is again.
A large vase after fixing the liner glaze. Whew.  It was originally a white with lots of craters, so a coat of clear glaze and refiring brought a nice mellow smooth off white.  The exterior is sponged matt bronze green and sponged amber over it.  This is the glaze I like to do for many of my decorative larger pots.

I do appreciate that you read my blogs, and love to hear whatever you have to say.  I figure most nobody else ever does...but have been gratified to see I've got some new "followers."  Thanks guys.


  1. I originally wrote "To whomever..." but felt a bit if you're a whom, rather than a who, I'm sorry.

  2. Well, I for one am a WHOOOO, like an owl, haha! Wish I could answer your questions, but since I'm not a blooger I don't know much about it. Hope you can get it worked out. By the way, I didn't get anything in my g-mail. I just checked, and I think you told me you'd sent a reply there? Ah, the mysteries of the internet! They keep us on our toes!

    1. Here I yam again, home from BMCA studio to get your comment published. There's this lag time I have to "monitor" my comments. It keeps out the boogie man. Hey, I made a comment on someone else's blog, and they want me to copy 2 words to prove I'm not a robot. Do you have to do that here?

  3. Yes we have to do that here, I have mine set on no moderation. Do you have to fill out two verification words on mine? I am now using the new format because my computer is old and I couldn't even get on my blog till I installed Google Chrome, seems they are changing blogger all the time, but I now like the new format much better.


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