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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some pots again

Waiting to be bisque fired, a kitten on a mug...
Or maybe a dragon.  I still think Gary has the monsters down better than me!  But I might try again.

Here's one of the soup crocks like those I donated to the Empty Bowls event that Pat is collecting for.  It's not for another week.

And I kind of like to give you an idea how big things are by putting a standard thing next to this case the water bottle.  Glaze is Floating Blue for the liner and top half of the exerior.  Bottom half of exterior is Raspberry, on Bellas Blend clay.

Here's a "koolaid style" pitcher that I just reglazed to fill in some spaces.  I'm really happy I waited till we had a new HR Satin white.  The clay is speckled brownstone.

Yep, the Kool-aid pitcher next to a water bottle also.

Have a great day, this spring that comes and goes, but makes us all wonder what summer will be like.


  1. you cat and your monster are SO TOTALLY perfect! WOW!!!! and charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks! But I acknowledge those who walk the path ahead of me! Your picnic sounded great! I am headed to Lake Lure today (if it's not pouring) for a picnic party.

  2. Love the pitcher glaze with the clay peaking through looks like a shino.


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