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Sunday, March 25, 2012

New toy and moving plants outside

The cherry tree blossoms are about to burst, and Muffin is in the window on porch/studio.

Cherry blossoms ...

I don't know what these pretty blue flowers are, since they are probably a weed.  (Which is a relative term isn't it?)

Here the blue flowers love an old stump.

Potted plants are on milk crates on my driveway

The last few days of Forsythia for this year.

This way I can look out at something besides my dear old least until the driveway is too hot for the plants when the sun beats down on them in summer.

My new toy...a pottery wheel !!!

I love having a wheel at home.  It's all mine, I don't have to clean it up, or wait for someone else to use it, or go home when the studio hours are over, and it's available anytime day or night.  I've never had such freedom with such a great tool.  I am trying to pace myself, so the newness does last, but I know it's mainly that I have something I've loved to do for all these years, and now I don't have to limit myself.  I don't have to keep everything I make, just 'cause I worked so hard on it in the dear time available to me.  I can recycle whatever isn't just "right" to me.   What on earth do I want to make today, this very minute?


  1. HA! Your own wheel :) The flowers are called a) myrtle b) periwinkle or c) vinca----3 names for the same plant! It is an awesome ground cover, used to be commonly planted in cemeteries.

  2. Yep...:) definitely. I've had periwinkle before, which has been mainly I didn't recognized that the blue flowers were the same shape. A rose by any other name...but not a periwinkle/vica! Joke's on me.


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