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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The guys and pots

NCECA is happening this week way out in Seattle.  My youngest son is probably there, as he has been to most whenever he can.

This shot is of my oldest and youngest sons last year at a show during NCECA in Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL.  I went to the various galleries, not to NCECA itself...was on my usual shoestring budget.  Having relatives in the Tampa area helped my expenses!

The guys are playing (or trying to play) an instrument built of clay by Brian Ransom, on display where he teaches at Eckerd College, also the alma mater of my youngest son.  I loved that they look like they're a couple of really intense guys mouth to mouth.  Good old camera angle.

So it's another turn of our blue marble around the sun.  Many changes have happened in this year, some more fortunate than others.  My thoughts today continue on the vein of, do what you love today, you don't know how many more days you have.  But be sure whatever you do is something you really want to be doing, don't compromise too much.

SO I'm going over to walk around a lake and check out the birds and blossoms.


  1. Was able to walk halfway around before I had to stop to catch my breath, on the bridge spanning the channel where water flows over the dam...only to be dismayed at all the dead fish there. One was at least a foot long, most around 6-8 inches, about a dozen of them. Probably something is killing them in the lake, which makes me sad for the water fowl which also come here to raise their young sometimes.

  2. Oh I bet that instrument is interesting to hear, so sad about the dead fish. wonder if they were spawning and couldn't make it to where their homeland was or they spawned and succumbed? I think I would call the fish and game and see what they say.

  3. I think these fish had some environmental problem...we don't get spawners (is that a wored) on this man-made lake.

  4. Good looking guys! and what an interesting instrument!

  5. Now I missed something, your sons are potters too?

    1. All my sons are talented in many ways...but the youngest is the Eckerd grad, and following in my muddy footprints,(but his are actually bigger than mine, of course.)

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