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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Earth, Air, Water, Fire

I was reminded of the four elements (with the fifth of Spirit,) by our friend Cristol when she spoke of her senior project at the gallery last night.  It's really very inspirational, and well done.

Wind (Air) has been powerful lately.  News coverage of various tornado swaths on TV and other pictures tell the story of how Air can touch some with disaster, and leave the rest of us wondering how we survived intact.

Water continues to identify our liveability on the planet.  When is the last time you drank spring water right out of the earth?  Ah, we get so separated from this life blood that we're directly connected to.

The Earth is in my fingers daily as I form clay into different shapes.  I loved today making a cat that had lioness features, but she's wearing a tiara.  Yep, taking the glorious to the sublime.

Fire, that source of heat from the sky, has returned today, but will be back behind clouds before I blink.  I am grateful that I have heat available to survive the remaining chills of this winter.  I see how this unseasonably warm winter has skewed nature's usual rhythms.  (the spelling just doesn't look right, is that the cycle of season's rhythms?  I guess so.)

And Spirit is part of my life when I listen to the calling of birds, deal with the ants that have decided to invade my kitchen, and feel like dancing myself.  Yep, the Spirit of Life continues, and I hope it does for a long time, as it adjusts to, or perhaps creates Changes.

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