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Monday, March 5, 2012

Clay inspiration?

Yep, that's an alligator handle.  I don't remember, and can't read, where it's from.  These are basically some photos I had in an album and never got around to classifying.  But they are interesting, I think.  All clay work, also I think.

The snow flurries haven't landed at all here.  I just am so disappointed in this winter.  You all who have had inches of it, please think of how much I wanted to scrunch my feet through snow, hearing that special sound it makes.  Think of how much I wanted to make snow cream.  Think of how I wouldn't have minded being cabin-bound for a day or so.  And think of all the photos I wanted to take of a white pristine earth.  I know plenty of people are really sick of snow by now.  Sigh.

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