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Monday, May 15, 2017

What did and didn't sell!

I have been happy to share a 10x10 booth with my friend Cathy Babula.  Here is my half of the show...
my beginning display of clay art

the Hecate figure sold, but my triple glazed pieces didn't 
Hecate photo before glazing shows more detail (and was better focus)

sold a dragonfly plate

Sold a bright 5 inch bowl

Sold a four inch tea bowl

traded for some things with other vendors!

And I packed most of it back up after 8 hours sitting in rain/drizzle and finally sunshine around 3 pm...but no crowds of customers this year!  Between a music festival down the road and yucky weather most of the day, it wasn't our best venture into clay sales out doors.  I went home tired and dejected, honestly.

But the sun came out the next day, and my spirits are back up.  I haven't unloaded the car yet, however, nor figured out where to store all those bins of pots till my next sale in October!

I am going to be making clay art for myself all summer,  since I've already got inventory in case anyone wants to purchase things either here, Facebook, or perhaps I'll rejuvenate the etsy shop again.

I am grateful to have made my booth fee, and a bit more. And thanks to all who looked at my work.


  1. It's dispiriting, I know -- I've sat with a pile of books in front of me at book fairs and watched people avoid eye contact. I am amazed the little yellow teapot didn't sell.

  2. Sorry to hear your show was disappointing. I am really surprised your triple glazed pieces didn't sell. Very exciting that your Hecate figure sold! It always seems harder (at least for me) to sell sculpture.


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