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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Monday is wash day, right?

Wrong...Monday is when they blew insulation into the attic.  And I stood watch to make sure Panther didn't sneak out from under the bed and out the door which had to stay open.

The downstairs support guy was busy texting.

Then they pulled most of the hose down, then the extension cord with the light, and finally they used a snow shovel to scoop up the little pieces of fiberglass.
I should have vacuumed right away, but I forgot until the next morning.

In the meantime I went to the studio and centered 5 pounds of clay.  Considering I've been making 1 pound mugs, this was quite an event.

Tues the platter wasn't dry enough, but my chest was feeling the work results...every muscle was sore.

So I spent most of yesterday and last night trying to figure out if my heart or lungs had a problem.  I even dropped by the doctor's office, and she wanted me to go to Urgent Care or ER>

I didn't think it was my heart...just a very heavy feeling and hard to move without pain...
Which continued into the night, until I had a nice sweat and then no more pain whenever I turned over.  I think I'll go with slab work for a while.  This old chest needs to be babied for a while.


  1. Ok ok. I'm not a doctor and still feel bad. So I'll get an expert opinion


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