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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Crazy bushes and cat

A nice bush has been planted right next to my parking place.  Pink Dame, Azalea.

Like many plants, the buds are confused by 70 degree December weather.

Last week Panther was positive there was something for her buried within all the clutter!

A real mother's helper!


  1. she can get some sun in the window

  2. our bushes and trees area also confused, but I am enjoying the warmth, despite the rain.
    I love seeing your calico kitty, reminds me of my daughter's childhood cat, Fern.

  3. Cats and boxes ... they cant help themselves.

  4. Barbara -- Panther looks like a calm panther -- beautiful photo relaxing on your table top. Your Azalea bush should provide you with a burst of spring that is always inspiring. Enjoy 2016. -- barbara


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