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Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 clay journey

Some of the things I experienced last year while exploring with clay...

A couple of garlic keepers to add cheer to anyone's kitchen
A surprising interest in tumblers from friends
I really liked this big vase with fun turquoise glazes, but nobody bought it yet!
I've invited blog readers, and local friends, to drop by my studio where fun can happen in a flash
Baking dishes in various colors sold throughout the year

Having fun with glazes on small tumblers was fun and lots of people liked them
The glaze sold these mugs...a wine color with blue highlights set off the orchid design nicely
By mothers day we began the weekly Tailgate Market sales of MudBuddies booth
But my sculptural urge still spoke to me occasionally!
Little pitchers are great for lots of serving pieces or flower arrangements
A friend ordered these simple bowls which will set off salads or cereal easily.
Another big vase which still lives with me...there's a limit to how many can stay in my living room!
I discovered the joy of these 3 glazes overlapping, and made and sold lots of bowls with this combination
I made some jars, but this year they mostly stayed with me

A fun adventure with a teapot, which went to it's new owner over Christmas.  Thanks Nancy for purchasing it!
Then in June I found Mayco's new Designer Liner pens with glaze and started a new adventure

I could paint and draw any designs onto plates, and I went a bit wild

The journey was mostly enjoyable.  Yes, I learned some things, both about creating and selling pottery.

I am thrilled with the new design work I'm doing, but it's not selling.  I don't think that will stop me from doing it.  I just need to find the people who want to have it as part of their lives...because it is often picked up and exclaimed over, but is not in the right price range for my markets.

I know bringing more pots to markets means more sales.  I found having things reduced in price would sell before others (no brainer there).  But I also saw my own limitation of carrying more things to a market, pots are heavy!

Where to next?  Only the new days of 2015 will show me, as I gradually work on each inspiration that comes.  Thanks so much for joining me in my journey!


  1. I should add, both styles, the orchids and the underglaze pens!

    1. Thanks Gary...these are glaze pens, not underglazes...I do appreciate your critique!

  2. what a great synopsis of the year, the journey continues, glad to read your blog

    1. It is fun, isn't it, to read what each of us is doing so independently, and then to comment and share with each other!

  3. I love what you did with the underglaze pens! I would have gone crazy with them too. I especially like the dragon fly with the lotus blossom. Is it a cover for a jar?

    1. Thanks Michele...I have found these cone 6 glaze pens work much better than any others I've tried. Of course taking care that they don't dry out is always a care issue, which I've worked pretty hard to overcome. Tiny metal tip doesn't like clogs! Dragonfly is a wall pillow, which is designed to just hang inside or outside. The smaller one with black border is also like an inverted plate for hanging.

  4. It’s so good to know how much fun you’ve been having. Thanks for sharing the experiences with us.


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