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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The least of these

Consider this a work in progress...I've got intense cobalt stain permanently in most of the clay, but then, some places are paler, which doesn't look quite right.  So I'm going to do some more finishing touches.  This forest project piece is the least favorite of mine.  It may become garbage, who knows.


  1. it looks black on the screen which I like, fire it you never know, I got some great results with my experiments

    1. It's been fired...all the way to glaze temp. So painting is the way I plan to hightlight the shapes...well, bring the carving details out. Lighter colors, but it actually already has some navy blue tones, so maybe I used cobalt oxide rather than black on this piece. Waaay too much cobalt!

  2. Sometimes a little is a lot, cobalt is like that. Just remember it’s a flux so if you do any reglazing and refiring you might get some running.

  3. Yes Lori, I learned the hard way about both those qualities of cobalt...but don't plan to reglaze, just use acrylics. Thanks for the heads up anyway!


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