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Thursday, November 13, 2014

If it's Thursday...

I MAY go to Highwater to pick up clay and glazes, if they have made the clay I'm waiting for (and so are some of my friends.)

I MAY pick up some more plate holders at A.C. Moore if I'm driving right by there going to Asheville.

I MAY have survived last night's Clay Club pot luck meet at the BMCA studio.

and I MAY have taken some photos of the fun...which even if only 3 of us were there, I am sure would have happened.  (I'm writing this before the meeting while waiting for cupcakes to cool before frosting the for the party.)

I MAY find the 2 little pots that I glazed earlier in the week are out of the kiln, thus I know whether or not the Celedo glaze is working again.

I MAY and for sure will be at the clay studio from 1-4pm as I am for Open Studio time every Thursday.

I MAY glaze the other little wonky pot that I know is somewhere lost on the bisqued shelf.

I MAY have some of my greenware loaded for the next bisque firing.

I MAY just put one foot in front of the other and at the end of the day sit here and know that life is good.

and I MAY make something new that I've never done before.


  1. a nice post, if your celedon is working may you post some pics?

    1. Sure Anna...and I did most of the things on this list already, so the rest of the day is mine to be creative! I skipped the plate stands...figured I'd just use what I've got. The Celedon is questionable still...but usable, I think.


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