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Monday, November 24, 2014

That last market

So much joy
So much sadness

And luminous light and warmth in the sunshine!
Bette Potter Jones, Marsha Cozart, Cathy Babula

Today the Mud Buddies remember all this summer, as well as the five prior ones.  And we had a visit from a former Mud Buddy as well.
Barbara Rogers and Pat Levi

Tomorrow I'll share the set up and the beautiful pots.


  1. And now you will have an entire winter to get ready for next year! How great to have an old friend drop by!

    1. Well, the last Tailgate market...and we were so lucky to have a great weather day...but we're going to be at Holly Jolly on Dec 5...a big party in Black Mountain, and 2 of us will be at Appalachian Potters Market in Marion Dec 6. Then to regroup!

  2. Oh what a super group of potter friends you have.

    I need to find out about more pottery style markets to sell my pottery, like the one in Marion for next year.


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