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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thanks to The Flowery One

Here I am with my trusty old camera, and my nice new warm scarf. (I save the new camera for special work)  If the scarf is not wool, it's definitely wooly.  (My sweater is heavy cotton, but the combination works fine in 40 degree weather) 

My dear friend, The Flowery One, sent me a package of lots of goodies for Christmas ...calendar,  books, shopping bags, an insulated grocery bag, even a bag for carrying 3 bottles of wine!  I'm probably forgetting a few of the goodies, because they were such fun to unwrap on Christmas morning.

I'm so blessed to have good friends!  I hope they don't mind always getting pottery from me!

I am giving away all my Santa collection.  I hope other folks will enjoy seeing a smiling elf that supposedly brings children what they ask for if they behave well.  I've completely lost faith in that myth this year since I want my adult children to be recognized for their efforts to give their children those presents.

Today my breathing has suddenly taken a turn toward strained sighs, using my inhaler every other hour.  I slept well, I think, but woke with a disturbing dream.  Went back to sleep after feeding animals.  So this is not much of a production day, and I'll just try to keep doing the necessary things.  Sometimes this gets so bad I just lie in bed all day.  But I think I'll take care of some household things, and maybe do some google searching for my next sculptural project.  Baby steps will still get me where I'm going.

Queen Muffin

Amyrillis Jan.8, 2013

The flower looks about to burst.  I will also be trying to get the Christmas/New Years decorations put away today.  (Did you notice trying?  Mmm-hun, it is on the to-do list)


  1. So nice to see your amyrillis and you too! Didn't get one this year and am really missing it, won't do that again. So sorry to hear about your breathing...... Hope the sun is out where you are. Keeping you in my thoughts today and hopes for restful sleep. Had my first night sleep in a week...... Blessings be!

  2. I have an issue with telling children not to lie and then telling them about Santa.
    I hope you feel better.

  3. Oh dear, Barb. I hope you have found relief by now and are feeling much better.
    It is so important to allow a day or two to heal if you don't feel well and sleep helps the body to repair. Difficulty with breathing is scary.
    The decorations can wait til your ready to tackle them. I've noticed some houses around here are still sparkling :)
    Hope Queen Muffin is curled up by you giving you support.
    Your amaryllis is looking promising - exciting!

  4. Thanks so much for support from you all, Lori, Vicki and Sandy. It is another rainy day, so I'm moving from bed to desk. May accomplish finishing the dishes! Whoohoo!

  5. No, the scarf isn't wool. I don't "do" wool, remember, vegan me that I am. So you can wash it with your regular wash, unlike wool. I've got something else that's red and not wool and is a little silly but also practical that I just got for you for next Christmas. No, not a hat. No, not gloves or mittens. But you wear it. No, not a nose mitten, haha.
    Love, The Flowery One


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