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Friday, November 2, 2012

Studio sculptures

Here's where I'm working most days.  This is part of the Mud Colony studio sharing

 I was working on a new sculpture this week.

But she wasn't finished yesterday when I took these pics.  I added a dress, and some design work on the bottom later.

But this was the stage when I had clean enough hands to handle the camera.

And here are some of the other folks who also work at the Black Mountain clay studio.

Sarah is assembling something that will be perhaps a teapot or a table or a shrine...I'll wait till she's finished.

Blair's bears are cavorting around one of her huge pots.

Here's Matilda doing some glazing (I know she spells her name somehow differently, sorry).

Thanks for reading and for all your comments!


  1. Your sculpture is beautiful, Barb! It looks like there is quite a lot of talent in your studio.

    1. Yes, and we kind of give each other inspiration and certainly encouragement!


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