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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

More tiny white flowers (and church plantings)

I have a lifetime of learning plants.  Sometimes I remember wildflower names, and sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I remember tame flower names, etc.

These I can't say I've ever known.  Do you?
Thanks to Judy B. who told me "Chimaphila maculata, common name Pipsissewa" in her comment included below!

I wonder if they're related to lily of the valley, which has tiny white flowers, but they are aligned along the stem, not just at the tip of it.

Behind the hostas are some new bushes at our church entrance...which will give nice variation of leaf shape and color, and are also shade-tolerant!

And since I didn't write down the name, of course I don't remember what they are called either.

Our gardening friend (I almost said guru, but she wouldn't think she is) with a green thumb has shopped the various nurseries around to find the best deals and the best plants for different beds.  Katharine is doing a great job as well as all the other volunteers who make our environment more beautiful each week.

She just put mulch on the bed under our sign on Montreal Rd.  This side is full sun.

While this side is total shade most of the year long.

We take turns watering these beds every other day.

Kathy has put in a timer and soaker hose system for the beds around the building.  What a great idea, so all those little plants can be taken care of automatically, though we hope to go turn them off when it's raining.

Well, I got carried away sharing pics of other people's gardening work.  Just wait till Friday!  I'm going to volunteer for a garden tour, like I've done for the last couple of years.  Just for a couple of hours, but I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures.


  1. Hello Barbara. The mystery plant is Chimaphila maculata, common name Pipsissewa. It's in the family Ericaceae. Ericaceae is a diverse family including sourwood, blueberries, mountain laurel and many others. Pipsissewa is a plant I learned to recognize as a child. My grandmother would point it out to me as we walked through the woods. It makes me smile as I think of my grandmother when I see it now.

    1. Thanks Judy! What an interesting name too!

  2. We have a volunteer gardening group that does all the planting and caretaking of the plants in our common community spaces. I do admire their hard work and think of them every time I pass some of their work.

  3. I too thought lily of the valley when I saw your photo. I am not good with plant names. Jeff often has to tell me over and over what something is!

  4. I believe those bushes behind the hostas are native leucothoe aka dog hobble.


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