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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Day after Monday Mugshots

Another day late.  Hopefully not quite a dollar short.  But since it's laundry day, and the machines take only quarters, I hope I have the $2.50 per load for wash and same for dryer.  If you have your own machines, thank your lucky stars!

But here are the mugs that I threw about a month ago with a white clay, and then last week dug out an old bucket of glaze that had been being ignored.  It has a mason stain (Bermuda Green) mixed into the White Satin studio glaze, about a small packet into a gallon (whatever the small bucket holds!) Isn't that good scientific measuring?

The bottoms of these mugs have nutmeg glaze.  The streaking detail is done with plumb glaze. Both of these are our studio glazes.  Now I have to figure out what price to put on the little darlings!


  1. Nice glaze combo. Bermuda is one of my favorit e Mason stains.

  2. That Bermuda stain really did make a lovely glaze!
    I remember the coin laundry days and feel your pain. I used to try to hang a lot of things on a drying rack and just put one load in the dryer. These days I try to not use my dryer whenever possible. I have a nice big clothesline in the backyard.

    1. Well, it's a bit too far for me to lug my wet clothes to your clothesline...but thanks anyway! Tee hee.


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