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Monday, June 12, 2017

Clay day at Folk Art Center

 We zipped through the great displays inside the Folk art Center, in order to see the potters last Saturday!

 Well displayed glazes for painting your own raku pottery- a sample of each glaze after firing was beside each pot of glaze.  For $10 you could paint a pot that had already been thrown and bisque fired.

 There were 5 raku kilns going continuously, with either raku glazing or horsehair details available.

 Lifting the sides of the kiln meant an easy way to get at the very hot pots when they were ready to be given horsehair treatment.  The sides of kiln are seen raised here, and the woman stepping away has a long pair of tongs holding the pot she just picked out of the kiln.

 Here the potter shows a little boy how to drop the horsehair on the hot pot, where it will singe and made a permanent design on it.  The boy was smartly cautious about the hot pot.

 Another demo on a both up the hill - throwing little vase pots on a hump on the wheel.

 Some of the artist's pottery on display next to his demo.

 Looking down the hill where the raku firing was happening.

 Along the ridge of the hill were a dozen or more booths of potters' wares.  Beautiful day to be outside and looking at them!

 A last look down the hill to the working area.

The potters on one side had some natural shade to cool them off.

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  1. Fascinating! I didn't know about the horsehair thing. But then there's so much I don't know about pottery.


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