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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Around the Clay Studio

Walk with me around the Clay Studio today.

Many folks don't notice this wall.  It's a drystone wall, where all the cut stones are laid without mortar.  My friend Joe Dinwiddy made it, as well as the one on the other side of the studio.

This side of the studio has a mosaic mural created by my friend Julie.

Another one of Joe's walls, this time with uncut stones.

A bas relief mural done in concrete on the other side of the Clay Studio.

The woodland scene on the building looks great when lit at night.

The back entrance to the Black Mountain Center for the Arts...which is directly next door to the Clay Studio.

And how timely, I just received notice that Joe Dinwiddy is about to teach a workshop about building stone steps next month at our Arboretum  HERE.

Since I've started off with some stone walls, I'll add this to the Sepia Saturday gang for this week.  Sorry these are hot off the computer rather than historic.   Oh there are so many historic stone walls in my genealogy!

Little Billy or Bobby is standing by a dry stone wall while watering his garden below.


  1. I do love a well executed dry stone wall. My late sister-in-law was a dab hand and built her own in her garden.

    1. Great to hear a woman who can do heavy lifting! Bet it is as beautiful as can be.

  2. Some very artistic offerings here. My favorite is the woodland wall. How beautiful & I'll bet it is quite stunning when lit up. I really like the hummingbird cup in your heading. I have a hummingbird who comes to my feeder hanging under the eaves of my gazebo who, when I bird-talk 'talk' to it, will fly into the enter of the gazebo and hover there in front of me for a moment or two while I continue to 'talk' to it. I've tried slowly raising a finger for it to light upon, but he won't come that close - at least not yet. I keep hoping, though?

    1. Isn't that wall art lovely? I just shared a video of someone feeding a hummer by hand (on Facebook) but can't get the link to share it here. It's pretty amazing. Perhaps if you did like he did, and held a red cup of nectar so she could see it, she'd come to you...let me know if you try it!


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