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Sunday, June 11, 2017

A new method for pitchers

I usually have made a pitcher by starting with a vase shape and pulling out a spout while squeezing it in with the fingers of the other hand.

This shape has had pieces cut out of it, on both opposite sides, then they were reattached together, which caused the concave surfaces where handle was applied and just below where spout was applied.

I had never tried adding a spout this shape, and made it with a slab.  I want to practice making different kinds of pitchers.

The glaze is just white designer liner (Mayco) over bisque clay (Little Loafers) then a coat of Matt clear over it.  Inside is the same Satin Bermuda Green that I used a few days ago on some mugs.

I confess, the idea of white on white was inspired by some beautiful quilting that I recently saw on FaceBook, see below.  Three artist quilters made it together.

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