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Friday, May 12, 2017

Test glaze vases

Inside and on top, Black Mountain Blue, bottom is Nutmeg glaze

I made some tiny vases off the hump to test my new porcelain clay with our studio vases.

Plum inside and top, bottom is celadon, nice flow where it interacts with plum!

So far so good.

A favorite I've used before, Matt Bronze Green inside and top, raspberry on bottom with nice overlap which turns variegated blacks.

Glad these are not photos to sell these pots, just tests to consider...
This little guy has an s crack in the bottom, oops.

I had to dip the inside and top twice in the White Satin, which was very thin this day...but glory alleluia it didn't pit like it has been doing on Little Loafers clay.

The bottom glaze is Floating, which came out very light on the porcelain alone, but a nice overlap gave it some depth that is interesting, and a bit of flow as well.

So back to the wheel to start making some vases with porcelain (Laguna's 550)  I've also got some B-Mix and Soldance to try...busy little potter me these days!

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