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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Graduation surprise!

Both my (oh so young !!!) grandchildren graduated at the Florida State Fairground in Tampa Friday May 5 morning...and I found out by Facebook posts from their it was happening! So Facebook again let me be right there when it was happening! And I didn't have to deal with parking, sitting on those awful seats for hours, and looking for them in the son and his ex did it for me.  Thank you!

My son, Marty, took a video of his daughter, Cayenne, here in a still shot as she received her diploma for completing the first two years of college before graduating from high school!  It's called Collegiate Academy in Florida.  Her high school graduation will be in another 2 weeks!

And her older brother received his AA diploma this morning at the same ceremony from Hillsborough Community College. 

He's just walking onto the stage on the right here.  Congratulations for job well done, William!  He's been attending part-time while working part-time for the last few years.

Cayenne looking at her mom in crowd of over a thousand young grads

Will in center of shot, marching into auditorium
Will second from right in cap and gown on a big screen.

Prom dress for Cayenne!

There they were in 2013 when Will graduated from high school!

I'm so proud of them, and their parents who gave these young people the very best support and direction for their lives!

A big congratulations to you both, Cayenne and William!

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We were made for these times.
Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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