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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Brief and beautiful


I have a neighbor who has plenty of potted flowers.
I'd better upgrade my pots of plants!  This week I did a bit of pruning.

My kitchen window was blessed by azaleas, which I could only see from the walkway, so my neighbors enjoyed the blossoms while they lasted.

With all our rain, I've got quite a crop of mushrooms.

Spring weather also brings out the topless vehicles...and this strange thing is actually built on a motorcycle!

And at Lake Tomahawk on Tuesday this week, I saw these beauties.
And I've heard that May 6th is Nude Gardening day...however don't expect any lack of clothes from this gardener.

Today's quote:

There is nobody else like you in the world and this is worth celebrating rather than searching for faults. Daily Om.


  1. Beautiful iris!
    I really enjoyed your little tutorial on painting butterflies and the resulting teapot!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. I love iris. So many beautiful varieties.


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