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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Beauty, a constant, a value we all know and share

I don't know which Greek philosopher might have said there are certain constants which are shared as values by all civilizations, all people...and it may not have been Greek.  Beauty, Truth, Love, etc.

So today's constant, I choose to celebrate Beauty.

Whether hiking a mountaintop, strolling by a lake or river, or enjoying an artist's image, each of us appreciates beauty from somewhere deep inside us.  Of course we have our own taste in regards to what we most like, but the constant is that we all know we like something these things have in common.

Beauty just is.  By itself.  To be seen, heard, smelled, imagined, tasted, touched!

As a visual artist I see what appeals to me, and translate it into shapes and colors that I hope appeal to others.  It's a driven impulse in me, to share that connection.  I am happiest thinking that someone else will someday see something I've made and enjoy it also.

I've got other "constants" to share...more on future blogs.

Today's quote:

Being aware of the connection between all things can help you in terms of the broader effect you may be creating. 
Madisyn Taylor


  1. what a lovely lake and mountain view

    1. It sure is, and I don't go there every day when I certainly could! Shame on me!


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