Thursday, April 6, 2017

she plays the belly dancing coins

Let's admit it, I've tried lots of kinds of exercise in my life, some of which I enjoyed, and some not so much.

For a brief while I was in a belly dancing class.  I even bought a beautiful bright blue scarf covered in gold fake coins, which jangled very nicely with every motion.
I've lugged this scarf around for years, and I have to wonder why.

So when I started using a CPAP at night to help me breathe, I found it a good idea to cover it during the day so cat fur is kept to a minimum in the little machine.  Of course the air I breathe all night is filtered, and even humidified with pure water.  The coin decorations on the scarf don't make much difference all day long, as the main purpose is just to keep dust and fur from the machine's workings.

But I also will sometimes sit on my bed to read during the day.  The cat likes to sit next to me, being somewhat a friendly cat.  She doesn't ever sit on a lap.

So while reading the other day, I noticed her tail was flicking around making the little coins jingle.  She did too.  She kept it up for a while.  Then after that was boring, she went off and did something else, then came back, and positioned herself exactly right for the end of her tail to flick those coins.  She's so talented!

One day her cushion just wasn't big enough for all of her to stay on!
Today's Quote:

“The greatest effort is not concerned with results. The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.”~Atisha 

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  1. And how thoughtful of you to provide her with such a sophisticated toy!


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