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Friday, April 14, 2017


High waters on the French Broad as it travels north from Asheville to Marshall, NC.

To be expected after a few days of rainstorms in the area.

I stop at Willow Island park, where two cyclists are already taking a break. I wonder if they're going down river or up, but don't ask.

The river flows from left to right as I travel back to I see it constantly along this nice old Highway 251. It has almost no passing lanes, so I'm aware I'm only doing 40 mph in a 45 zone...but the hurrying people behind me seem to turn off to their destinations after a while, so I feel ok taking my time.

Overleaning trees actually are a bit dangerous as I get near them.

The double-trunk pair has begun to fall against its neighbor, right where I was planning to walk between them.  I quickly decided to go on the other side, though it will probably not be until the next storm that they actually come down.

It's barely noticeable with the cloudy day, but the greening of the mountains is beginning to happen.

 Some of these redbuds may have been planted by the road, but others are off in the woods as well.

The railroad tracks accompany the river and the road, the route that many have traveled since the Native Americans never dreamed of trains or cars going past.

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  1. Barbara -- Your piece titled Riverside is excellent. You have many photos of the raging water and "flood stage" river which gives me a perspective of the deluge of water that your area has been experiencing. I have traveled to many states this year -- blogging, for me, is on on the back burner right now -- hoping to get back to blogging in the future.


Looking forward to hearing from you! Since I didn't know the 1000+ people who supposedly looked at my blog the other day, I'm back to moderating comments. If that doesn't help, I don't know why blogger doesn't have a filter that stops this hacking...