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Sunday, April 23, 2017

More Bugs and Flowers !

Yesterday was Earth Day.  Did you see my Facebook posts? Well, one of them was from a few years ago, where I made a commitment to do something for Mother Earth, Gaia, daily.  Mmm, I may have let that ball slip through my fingers.

But now I've made a small figure of Goddess Gaia reclining on top of the mountains. Perhaps that will make up for a week of forgetfulness. She's in the kiln right now, so next week you'll get to see what she looks like.
And here's another of my bugs and flowers series...Blue Dragonfly on blue lotus blossoms.Clay is Little Loafers, glazes are Mayco Stroke and Coat, Designer Liner, and Matt Clear.

So I'll add another for your pleasure!

Another version of dragonfly on a luncheon plate (8") with some fish underwater! (more plates were posted last week Here

More goddesses are coming along.  But I've got some new clay also, so it will be fun trying it out, both to throw on the wheel and in sculpting! An alternative source for clay is now available in Asheville, Village Potters carries Laguna clays.  Highwater Clay has had the market cornered for too long, though they are still the pottery lovers "go-to" place.

Today's quote:

“What is needed to launch our societies along the humanistic path is some sort of evolutionary compass. Some way of guiding our efforts so that they are in tune with, aligned with, the general evolutionary processes of which we are a part… So rather than seek to dominate the planet, the quest becomes one of dynamic harmonization, of evolutionary consonance, in short, of syntony. The evolutionary compass, then, would be one that points our way toward syntonious pathways for future creation.” ~Alexander Laszlo

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