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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Blue Ridge in early spring

Looking west from the closed visitor center at Craggy Gardens...It may be April 2, and 70 degrees, but nothing up here is blooming yet! Rhododendron bushes stay green all winter, so there are some spots of green.

This is probably Craggy Bald.  It's over the visitors center, and there were people on it looking down (and out) at the view.

There they are. Yes just the little silhouettes.

 I loved driving through bare tree limbs, able to see the mountain slopes through them which had been hiding whenever leaves were on trees.  Of course everything being grey-brown isn't that exciting if you're into color!

It was a clear day, letting one see everything out for 20 miles, maybe more. The white road in the distance is I-40 heading west towards Knoxville, TN.

Looking southeast, Burnett Reservoir can easily be seen, providing water for all local communities.

The Blue Ridge Parkway goes through a tunnel (barely visible in the dark shadow on the right) and heads northeast toward Mt. Mitchell.  It's the highest peak in the eastern US, and it's maintained as part of the North Carolina State Parks.

I kind of decided "why not" and kept on going towards Mt. Mitchell.  Here's a view of Burnett Reservoir that I seldom see, as the Asheville Watershed asks that nobody stop on the side of the road except at the designated overlooks.  So I slowed down for this photo, and picked up some reflections from the window.

Did I get to the top of the mountain? More later!

Today's quote:

“Be as simple as you can be; you will be astonished to see how uncomplicated and happy your life can become.” ~Paramahansa Yogananda


  1. We love to drive the BRP in early spring. There are so many rock formations and details of the mountains that we can't see in the summer. We get on at Cold Mountain and then decide which direction to travel. It's gorgeous in both directions.

  2. I also get to the entrance of the BRP and wonder which way I'll turn this time. I had to cancel a visit to the waterfalls last week due to stormy weather, but can't wait to check out wildflowers at lower elevations!


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