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Friday, September 9, 2016

Work & Play, grandmother and g.g grandfather!

My grandmother's birthday was today, so this week I'll tell you a bit about her life for Sepia Saturday's meme of Work and Play.

She definitely did both of those...a seamstress and a woman who knew how to relax. Of course a bit of booze and cigarettes helped, both of which my mother would always roll her eyes about.

Here's my post about her from 2013, pretty much says it all.

Four Miller sisters at Christmas 1951, my grandmother is in the chair

But again in 2014, I posted a bit more narrative about her life, and how I remembered her.

 Mozelle Booth Miller Webb Munhall visiting Mary Beth and Barbara in Houston, between 1948-49.

Mozelle in 1935.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
 I must also mention my grandmother Rogers' grandfather, who's birthday is tomorrow. Alexander G. Swasey, Sr. was born Sept 10, 1784.  His son was named after him, and none of the records used Sr. and Jr. to differentiate between them.  But it can eventually be figured out by the ages they were born and died, married and had children.  Here is another site of a blog I posted about him in 2014.

But what was the work of Alexander Swasey Sr?  He was a woodcarver, and apparently also captained some ships.  Various sources say he went to China commanding the ships, but they could also be referring to his son of the same name.

Newport (RI) article about an eagle carved by Captain Alexander Swasey, 1964 now in the Historic Museum
I wish I had a photo of that eagle carving.  I dare say the Historic Society of Newport, RI has kept it in good shape.

I also was interested in some historic photos and documents about Newport, RI, and blogged about them here and HERE.

I'm glad the descendant of Captain Swasey (my father George Rogers,) married the daughter of Mozelle Miller Munhall, (Mataley Munhall!)  That's so I could be here spending time researching about their lives.


  1. And a very nice job of researching you have done, too! :)

  2. The photo of Mozelle in 1935 has been cut in a decorative star shape to put in an album?

  3. Your mother and grandmother have interesting names. I just got news of our brand new grandson born today September 10 2016 in London, and his name is Otis.

  4. What a great smile on Mozelle. She must have been fun.


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