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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tai Rogers

A very impressive young man.
His birthday is today.
I'm so proud of all his achievements.
I love him a lot!

My youngest son, Tai Rogers is having a birthday.  Do we still tell the age of people? I'll leave that to him to share with friends and relations.

He came all the way from Indiana to NC to help me move last year, in the rain no less.

He's got a new job, and is happy about the sense of permanence that gives.  He and his girlfriend also just moved to a bigger house. I'm happy for them both!  Lots of changes this year!


  1. Happy Birthday Tai! Congratulations on getting the new job and place to continue to follow your passion.
    You are so very talented!

  2. Happy Birthday to your handsome son!

    And Blessings, with everything in his life.

    Luna Crone

  3. You have a wonderful son -- wish him a Happy Birthday from this old blogger -- barbara


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