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Monday, September 26, 2016

Studio for clay

Yes, there's the Clay Studio of BMCA (Black Mountain Center for the Arts) There are classes at all levels, by 3 different teachers, and open studio for at least 2 hours every day of the week.

A lovely mural (it's great looking at night with the spots shining on it)

The downstairs entrance to the Center for the Arts, which has just utility space and one classroom, so go up by elevator or stairs to the working parts of the Center.

There are 2 levels of parking outside the Clay Studio...and at one end is a little pump house.  The Black Mountain Beautification Committee does a great job of landscaping this area.

I wonder what this ornamental vine is climbing that pole...

My lovely favorite Black Eyed Susans just have their black eyes left now.

Some Rosemary for remembrance!

Soon I'll show you some store owners who landscaped their window boxes!

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