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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Painting the flowers

I have a line of vases with simple looking flowers on them.
But they aren't so simple to make.

I start with a thrown form, with indented sides, then add a little bead, which will become the flower's heart.

After the vase is bisque fired, I start by outlining the flower petals and the leaves and stems with designer liner by Mayco.

Then the tedious glaze painting comes.  At this time I put two coats of Mayco Stroke n Coat on each petal. 

Designer Liner is the way I outline leaves and petals.
As soon as the painted glaze is dry, I go over all those areas with liquid wax (which makes the colors pop out though not the designer liner details.)  Then I dip the whole piece into a glaze in our studio.
Once fired, the liner shows up again.

A three sided blue with black-eyed susans.  I've made 3 of these small vases in this color scheme. 


  1. Thanks for the info. I always enjoy seeing other potters' design methods. And the results are dynamite!

  2. I loved seeing this process. Thank you for posting it.

  3. Enjoyed seeing the process that makes your beautiful work come to life!


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