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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I'm still potting along!

 Spoon rests are the best way for me to test glazes. Here a white satin over the whole thing has highlights of matte bronze green, plum and black streaked across it. I like it.
Second test same glazes

Bowl dipped first in raspberry glaze.

Second one show the same glazes that were streaked across it.
I like the matte bronze green, plum and black glazes in combination with raspberry.  But I decided not to do the drips on the outside.  They look messy, and I figure people can make their own drips. Besides, I wanted to wipe them off right away!  One that has less drips is at the market, but one is now serving cat food at my house.  Me and the cat share many rejected glaze tests!

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  1. I like the drippy glazes. We do something similar over shino and it's always a good seller. I agree with you about keeping the drips on the inside. We did some with exterior drips and I wasn't crazy about them... but they still sold!


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