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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

If it's good for fish, it's good for cats

That's Panther-cat's thinking anyway.

 Late one night, Panther started yowling, and running around.  This is not her regular routine.

 So I went into the living room, where she'd been making all the noise, to look around
 Nothing seemed amiss, though I admit to not turning on the lights.

I had left the canister of fish food open, because I'd dropped the top into the tank, and left it out to dry overnight.  Panther had never gone on top of the tank before...but ah ha!

The next morning there was a half empty canister of fish food on its side on the floor, and nary a flake of fish food in front of it.

Now every morning when I feed the fish, Panther is there wanting some for herself.  I give her a couple of cat treats, and have started closing the various openings on the lid to the aquarium, (after the scene above where I thought she might start drinking the water that flowed right where her highest interest was.)


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