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Friday, September 2, 2016

Glazes that do their own thing

I never know what's going to come out of the kiln!

This eggshell glaze with a bit of crawling over the thin layer of Floating Blue (I know, blue?)

The entire plate's Floating Blue turned brown, because it was too thinly applied, or the glaze itself was too thin. The rims were dipped into Black Mountain Blue, which sort of saved the plate.

A second try, when I'd already seen the first one, I added more Floating Blue where I could see it was too thin.  Wrong! It was too thin everywhere, not just where I'd added it!

And again, some crawling effects between the first Floating and the second.  But it's kind of interesting! And the streaks do make them rather dynamic. 

See I always look for that pot of gold under the rainbow, or the silver lining, or whatever!

I'll have these two plates at the Black Mountain Tailgate Market Sat. 9-12, in case you want to see them in person!

Today's Quote:

All the joy and passion you can envision can be yours right now, rather than in a future point in time. Madisyn Taylor


  1. 90% of my dishes are clay. love yours.

  2. some would strive to get such a result - a great combo accidental or not


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