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Friday, September 9, 2016

For the Birds

In front of the Black Mountain Center for the Arts flies a beautiful owl. Can't drive down State Street without noticing it!

It's our third annual art show with a theme based on some critters who are endangered.  First it was Monarchs, then Bees, and now Birds of Western North Carolina.

Hummingbird Platter is my submission for this show.

Here are other BMCA pottery student's work which are also in the show!

There are a lot of other artists exhibited, so I invite you to come see the show.

The opening party for the exhibit is Fri. Sept 9, 5-7.

Hope you can see it either for the party, or later in September!


  1. They are all lovely and incredible birds, and especially that owl, wow, it's very delightful!

  2. Oh, the owl wasn't made by someone in the clay studio...didn't mean to mislead ya!

  3. Your hummingbird platter is beautiful!


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