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Friday, September 2, 2016

Dad's work and play

Work, which always seems to come first.

Then play.

This is the first post for this month's Sepia Saturday! I need to get used to this new system.

My father George Elmore Rogers, Jr. lived from 1915 to 1985.  His work was as an accountant, as his own father had been before him.

Here's his badge from during WW II when he worked for North American Aviation, Inc. of Texas.  He actually started work there in 1941, about the time my parents moved into their first house in Dallas, TX.

Here's the reverse side of the badge.

There were times when he worked in other jobs, but he always came back to accounting, and became the comptroller at the private school which my sister and I attended in St. Louis, MO.  Later he worked in a similar position for the Christian Science mother church in Boston, MA until he retired to Houston, TX.

I don't have any pictures of him at work...though they probably would have been a bit dull looking.

Before I came along, (and my sister) my Dad had some times captured on film which look as if he knew how to "play."

My parents on a hunting trip with his parents and brothers. (If they knew of Bonnie and Clyde, in 1937, perhaps they were acting like them!)

Dad at Garner State Park, trying out one of the Live Oak branches
But when he wasn't working...he had other jobs to keep him busy.  Father, then grandfather...
A clip from an early Christmas home movie with Daddy helping my sister with her new tricycle

My dad was captured himself for a color home movie (without sound) telling a story!

And the one and only summer vacation I think my family took when I was growing up (1956-59?)'s Dad in the Black River.

My parents and my ex-husband (behind the camera) took my oldest two sons and myself to Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL in 1969-70?
Dad with my sister's kids!

Dad had the usual jobs of a father at home. He cooked when we had cook-outs.  The grill was his territory.  He was master of the lawn, and the car.  He had some tools in the garage (after we had one) or the basement, where he would make interesting crafty things, or repair household things if he could.

I dearly loved my father.  I miss him all the time.

I'm glad I have some interesting photos from his life!


  1. Thank you for sharing. Love the photo of your Dad lounging in the tree.

  2. How lucky you are to have these wonderful photos. And that you are keeping them safe, for future generations.

  3. He sounds like a wonderful father and grandfather and it’s lovlely to se that he knew how to play as well as being a hard worker and provider for his family. I miss my Dad too and it was interesting to see that you have move footage of yours with no sound, whilst I have the opposite. I can listen to my Dad (and Granddad) on an old tape recording.

  4. It sounds like your father was very engaged with his family. I like the tree photo too. You're lucky to have such great memories and the photos to remind you of them.

  5. Yup, here's another vote for the tree picture, although I like the Bonnie and Clyde shot, too! I miss my father, too -- I guess his death is something I'll never get over!

  6. Great montage of photos. The tree snap is not unlike those typical African photos of leopards lounging on a branch. The imitation Bonnie & Clyde snapshot adds real character.

  7. It's so wonderful to see these photos of your father. He was born three years before my dad. They came of age in such an era. The seriousness of war and of fatherhood. A truly lovely remembrance.

  8. I have many pictures of my father which I treasure. But I have something even better. One Christmas I decided to secretly record all of the family sitting around the Christmas tree opening our presents and my Dad's voice is clear as day on the recording. He's been gone now coming up on 30 years and every once in a while I get the tape out & play it just to hear him once again.

  9. That tree shot is amazing and I like the others too. Maybe I should add one or two more to the blog I've done on my Dad.

  10. Seeing his work card made me remember that I have one from my grandfather's time at Ford Motor Co. I have lots of video and recordings of my father but none of my mother. I wish we had recorded her.


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