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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Being a Mud Buddy

A new rose vase, designed and hand painted in glazes by yours truly.

There we are, every Saturday morning, for 6 months of the year.  We have at least two of us at the Tailgate Market of Black Mountain each week.  It's a great plan, where one of us just had a vacation in Iceland, and another just returned from France.  All the time we kept selling their pottery.

And it's a great place for us to see all the familiar faces, people who want organic and fresh foods every week, as well as gifts of pottery for themselves or family and friends.

There's one bear mug left still!

Each week I have a different selection of pottery to see.

There are some of these pots still available, though some have sold already.

And I'm just one of five of the Mud Buddy each of us has different wares available.  It's like a mini-pottery fair.

Now that the weather is cooling down, it's going to be a busy season for us.

The Black Mountain Tailgate Market will go until Nov. 19, when we have a big holiday market.

Please come by and see us sometime.

Today's quote:

We can all vow to make the world a better place one day at a time by being our true authentic selves Daily Om

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