Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tuesday still no washing

I know I'm writing this later than Tuesday.
There's the snow shovel to get up the insulation.
This is before they took out half the boards on my porch and replaced them.
This is before they put all new gutters around the roof.
This is before they spread mulch and hay and mulch all over the dirt.

This is in hopes that the Wed or Thurs. inspection will find the construction done according to federal guidelines.


  1. Oh man, lucky you, it is like getting a new place to live in!

    1. I was maybe the first person to move into an apt. that had been (mostly) renovated already. For the 2-1/2 months I've been here, I've had various people coming in to add or change or fix lots of little things. My stove was moved for some reason while I was gone today. So I shake out the rug that has new sawdust on it, and reset the clock on the stove. I really feel bad for the residents who have had to deal with new carpet and painting and new showers and completely new kitchens while living here. I do feel like it's a new place to live, in more ways than one!

  2. The renovations are almost completed, so the people who own the place, who put up the money, and who make sure the federal guidelines are followed, are all doing inspections!


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