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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Meowy Christmas coming!

Only Monty is interested in what I'm doing, which doesn't seem to be the right gestures to put some food in front of him.  His sister Ella, is sure something in the corner on the floor will provide nutrition (or fun, whichever comes first.) And elder-cat Max is just walking around and pawing up on my legs (without claws) to remind me he's the hungriest cat in the gang.

I love Monty's wide-eyed look, and his tiny soul patch on his lower lip.

Sister Ella seems to look more mousey in comparison, which is a strange way of describing a cat.  She does come to be petted after having first bites of dinner.

Max is a serious eater, and I'll try to catch his pretty face another day.

I am feeding these three each evening, while their owners are out of town for a couple of weeks, and another friend feeds them in the mornings.

And when I get home I find Panther watching TV.  She used to sit on the floor and get a "crick in her neck" looking up at the screen.  But finally with the right padding, she will sit in a chair.  She refused a stool or a wood had to have lots of softness for her majesty!

She is un-discriminating as to programs she likes...even just seeing me switch channels seems interesting to her.  Of note is the fact that we didn't have any TV for the last year, though we would sometimes watch old movies.  I just don't think she had much interest until recently, perhaps after the death of the senior cat in the house.

Today's Quote:

Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so.  Noam Chomsky


  1. I think cats like a soft place to sit especially when they get older. I have several around in doors and out for Barney

  2. I love that quote, thanks for sharing it, and I looooooove those sweet cats, oh gosh, i would love to bring them all home!

    1. I'm sure Spike and Penny would like having more animals...especially how you have your dog visitors often!

  3. Nice that you can get a kitty fix through friends.
    Animals can be funny around television. Our old dog Breezy, never paid any attention until we got the flat screen tv. She would watch the dog show by the hour. Elephants were a mystery to her!

    1. We started with a Nature show on PBS...and then it's expanded from there. Maybe she'll become more discriminating someday.

  4. Has she learned to use the remote yet?

  5. You had me going there for a minute. Thought you had adopted more cats.


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