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Monday, March 9, 2015

Time out today...

 Barbara is being homemaking woman a la Spring Cleaning today.  She will return when she's able to breathe clean air without dust flying around.

Quoting from my facebook entry, "I'm making myself sit down after each major spring housecleaning chore. So now I'm sipping peppermint tea liberally laced with honey (you thought I'd say something more powerful, didn't you?)...after getting the bedroom curtains in the washer. I am determined but trying not to over do is dusting the desk and putting the laptop back in there instead of here on table at living room window. Soon to look at mountains and trees while typing!"


  1. If you got the message that this post isn't just says I'm housecleaning. See ya soon!

  2. It'll be so nice to have it all clean and fresh.


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