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Sunday, March 29, 2015

there are some nights like this

Wednesday night I had a fair to poor evening.
Tried reading a book on the computer [not on line, but downloaded via a new app (er, they used to be called programs) from NC Digital Library called OverDrive...and I remember that being one of the gears that cars had, past third I believe....]  I don't have one of those tablets, so had the laptop on my lap.
Ugh, it gets heavy.  Back to the desk.
Then just quit and read another book that's the regular paper kind...ah.

But then I made a phone call, and started coughing.
It was about my usual bedtime, and the cough might start in the evening, and especially when lying down, for which I take Musinex...but this time it didn't seem to help.  I'm missed some window of treatment that works.

I didn't have any more of the "Breathe Easy" tea which usually works.  Remind self to go buy some more.

I tried the rescue inhaler, since I was having real pain in my lungs.  It helped a while...had to use the inhaler about 3 times though.

Everything I did didn't work, so I was sitting up reading or playing solitaire on the Idiot-phone till the wee hours (you know, not double digits) had come around.

So when I finally got to sleep, I didn't rest as long as I usually do until the cats said it was dawn.  There's actually a bird in the bush by the window that thinks dawn is around 5 am...which cues the cats.   I fed cats and crawled back into bed for another hour of dreams....

About cats.  And a new mall with little antique booths, and how I was going to rent the tiny one furthest in the back to sell pottery, and hopefully get another potter to share it with me...and then the cats were in my arms (both of them hate each other) and I was trying to get them through hallways, and then I noticed I had the wrong cat, this wasn't I was going all the way back through the walkways to find my right other cat, and about then the space for my booth in the back had doubled in size...and I thankfully woke up.

Today dawned eventually and I'm looking forward to it, but have to acknowledge that my body didn't get enough rest (I usually have 9 hours) and will need a nap.  So I called a friend (Pat, thank you so much) to help with my volunteer work at the BMCA studio.

If you've read my blog through the years, even sporadically, this coughing is chronic and persistent, recurring and not anything that I can do to absolutely stop it.

For now, I'm not coughing.  I was saying that it could be asthma, according to one doc visit.  So I should take the inhaler regularly, rather than just when coughing.  That doesn't make sense to me.  So far I haven't done it.  But so far I have more bad nights than good ones.  When I have a good one I can actually spend the next day doing pretty much what most people do.  Otherwise I feel like a wet dishrag, just dragging around with little interest in anything.

I've almost finished the Physical Therapy for my shoulder, and feel so wonderful when I do the exercises he gave whole body is flexible again.  Until you're sedentary like I've been lately, you don't know how great I feel to move most of the muscles in my trunk...hips, shoulders, twist, bend, turn...oh it's glorious.

Moving and breathing.  I'm so grateful when I'm able to do both.


  1. could it be allergies triggering the coughing since we've had that spurt of warm weather. I have one of those bed tables, the ones you see in movies where they serve folks breakfast in bed and a half chair bed pillow to prop myself up with, hope you can invest in both of those if you don't have them as they do help when you can't sleep or need to rest slightly upright

    here's examples of what I am talking about in case my descriptions don't make sense

    by the way I pulled my stuff out of the antique store booth after xmas as I wasn't selling much, although I did sell enough to make my booth rent and a little more before xmas; I think a place a little less crowded than the one I was in and one in a higher traffic area would probably do better. good luck with yours.

  2. Ugg, that sounds like a miserable night. I hope you find some relief from the cough.

  3. The whole not sleeping thing creates a vicious cycle, no matter what the reason is for not getting rest. It seems to take days to recover. You sound like me when it comes to taking meds... you think you won't need it and then when you realize you do, it takes longer to work. Wishing you better night and days ahead.

  4. I really love the cats. My wife has been sleeping partially setting up to keep the coughing slowed down. Until she tried that she was just not getting any better. Lots of hot tea and cough drops of course. Get better, it is the kind of thing that can just wear you out forever.


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