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Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring and Henri the cat

I have been squatting down taking pictures of every lovely little blossom, which is a good exercise I guess.

I haven't had much energy for yard work, but when a vacant yard has volunteer flowers, I have to capture them.

Henri the cat has this to say about spring.  Don't worry about the French, it has subtitles.


  1. I can barely see Henri, ha, lovely flowers

  2. You flowers are lovely, nice to see spring is arriving.

  3. Poor Henri. He definitely needs to improve his outlook.

  4. No snow, a few leaves, and dead grass make a good background for all the colors of flowers you have taken.

  5. Love Henri, haha! Thanks for him and the beautiful Spring flowers!

  6. Oh, flowers, one day we will have some too :)


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