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Monday, March 16, 2015

Physical Therapy WORKS

I'm back in my studio again

Re-learing how to throw pots...these are waiting for handles
Opening up a studio space again after 3 months of not using it...a lot of my time was spent moving things, throwing old clay into buckets to be recycled, and starting finally on a 3 pound lump.  I wedged two of them, but only could throw three pots off the hump...the first was definitely a recycle one.

I had physical therapy for my frozen shoulder for the last 8 weeks, twice a week, and it's made all the difference.  Finally Medicare (without the extra private company insurance "Advantage Plan") was affordable.  Affordable is a relative term of course.  But my budget got shifted again and my priority was to feel able again.

Now I'm only having PT once a week, and have made really fast improvements, so says the therapist.  I think I've been pretty diligent about my home exercises, not to mention having potters muscles in this old bod.  I'm very grateful for my progress and am still trying to go very slowly back into throwing.  There was a time I thought I'd thrown for the last time on a wheel.

The motivation is still slow coming also.  "Patience with all of me" is my mantra today.


  1. glad the PT is working out for you; a few more months and I get Medicare perhaps then I can get my left leg worked on; my knee now locks up and clicks so I know I need some help; hopefully I can afford to get some PT then

    1. Oh Linda, I do hope you get whatever care is best for your needs. I have 2 friends who recently had knee replacements, for different causes...and they went through a couple of months of intensive therapy after the surgeries, before returning to pain free walking again.

  2. glad to hear the PT worked and I do think the 'home work' is key to recovery.... go slow as with your mantra :)

  3. oh goodness, best wishes in your recovery!


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