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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Off to glaze kiln next

The little spirit house has finally been glazed.  I had to be ready to do it.  Time being right and all.  Glad I don't have any deadlines.

Muffin isn't sure why I'm not taking her picture.
Hinges on the little door are wire that can go to Cone 6...and I'll fire it ajar, with the tilt too.
The yellow roses are a test, to see if the line work under the yellow will come through.
All the linear work is done with Mayco Designer, red and green, each of which cost less than $5.
I'm inviting the gardener who owns this to plant their own tiny plants in the window box.
The magical bird is sitting on a golden egg, of course!

The roof has a wash of black glaze in the grooved section, with eggshell glaze over the whole roof.

So it's going to the kiln next.  I'll let you know how that comes out.


  1. curious how to make the hinge and if the line work comes through the yellow

    1. Wire that can take kiln heat is called Kanthal Wire, and comes in about 3 gauges at Highwater...I'm hoping this 22 gauge is enough. The hinges are just little rounds with a hole through them, where the wire is inserted, then bent at top and bottom. Since the hinges will shrink in the firing, I may try to tighten those bends after it's fired. Yes, the test is to see if the black lines will come through the yellow. I'll be letting you know...and may have some strange yellow blobs!

    2. It's called Kanthal Wire, comes in 3 gauges. I used 22 gauge. The hinges are just little tubes of clay, one attached to the door, one to the wall. Run the wire through and bend it at each end. I'll let you know if I get just yellow blobs or the black works to show through the yellow!

  2. That is such a sweet little spirit house!!! and Muffin is a beauty

    1. Thanks...I'm coddling Muffin in her feebleness, hope she lives a bit longer.


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