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Friday, January 30, 2015

Studio atrium

When one of the cats decided the plants that had been brought inside for the winter were her fodder, and she proceeded to use them to help her hairball remedy, I came up with another place for them to stay.  The plants went out in the unheated studio.

Actually I can heat the studio, but its floor is so cold, I prefer not to work there until outside temps are in the non-freezing range.  I do keep it warm enough to not freeze glazes and clay at least.  And the morning sun comes streaming in.

I sometimes let the cats wander out there for a few minutes, while I can watch them!


  1. I only have one plant in the house and it's a norfolk island pine tree which my cats have left alone. I supposed I could have a plant down in the studio I must remedy that. Years ago I had so many houseplants and then when I started gardening I gave up on indoors for outdoors, Perhaps I'll switch back again

  2. Oh yes, cats and plants... makes for a pretty series of pics around the studio though!

  3. When I was building my studio I looked into the cost of radiant heat (in the floor). Sadly, it cost too much but it would have been so sweet.


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