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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Slamming the clay

Once, I might have slammed this very clay on a wedging board, again and again, to get it smooth without a single bubble.
And once I threw it into a shape, trimmed it where it needed it, let it dry, then fired it in a bisque.
Then I glazed it, in some manner becoming to the shape.
And then it was fired again.
And I probably carried it somewhere or another in a big box to see if anyone wanted to purchase it.

Now I've looked seriously at it.  My editorial intellectual art critic self declared, thumbs down.
Don't even give this away.  Make sure nobody ever sees it again, especially with my name attached to it.

So I slammed it with the hammer, and toted about 25 pounds of shards out to the curb to be contributed to a landfill somewhere.

Wearing a mask, glasses and leather gloves...let the ceramics fly!  See that little pitcher in the corner, it's gone too now!
So this is recycled clay...going back to earth in its stoney colored form.


  1. It's a wise potter who realizes that some pots must suffer the hammer test.

    1. Boy, wisdom sure does speak from lots of suffering, doesn't it? (Er, I mean lots of hammering)

  2. too funny... Jeff and I were talking about taking the hammer to a lot of pots as I was clicking on your blog! sometimes things just have to go.

  3. My sledge hammer is one of my favorite studio tools!
    I use the shards as a base, covered with sand and gravel to fill holes.

  4. My unloved pots usually end up being used in the shed. I don't have to look at them then.


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