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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Packing away dust collectors

Tiny vases sitting in the tub (isn't the pink something else?)...soon to be packed away.

More vases waiting to go into tubs.  The reason?  Literally to reduce the dust in my allergy chasing.  I'm not allergic to the dust, but to dust mites!

Those are smaller than each particle of dust...and apparently the less I have to deal with the happier I'll be.  I'm for that.  So I am slowly packing up carefully dusted pottery.  The allergy doctor even said to leave home for an hour after I dust, wearing a paper mask for the job.  I haven't found my mask yet, but have only dusted and packed 2 tubs so far.

I'm also making space in my life.  Which is a way to allow my creativity to return.  If I'm already cluttered up with stuff, how can I possibly want to make more?  Well, that's my thinking today.

So each tub gets a label saying what's in it...taped on the lid.  Jars with lids, creamers, and vases are all done so far.  Now just about 9 more categories, and I'm afraid I'll run out of the tubs...and will have to revert to boxes.  So the clay comes to my house in boxes (with 2 bags inside each one) and may end up in the same boxes!  A good circle.

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  1. Making space is good, being organised is good. Keeping an allergy at bay is even better!


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