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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nature abhors a...

How I remember learning that in science class in 7th grade.

Well, I've been living in one lately...and felt pretty abhorrent about myself.   It's called the January blues, and I've been sucked into it yet again, yet another year.  Sometimes I can push it off till February.

It may have to do with sunshine, but I think it's also post Winter-Solstice stress syndrome.  PWSSS.  That's why I'm sitting here talking rather than doing.

I'm all "do"-ed out.  But to be fair, I'm keeping myself healthy...only doing a bit at a time.  Today's bit is to show up at the studio.  Don't we all have days like that?

One finger is complaining of some kind of cut, with a knuckle bump under it, so maybe it's swollen so I bump it more than normal, or something else, but it will keep me out of clay up to my elbows.  I'm about to put a protective bandaid on it, and we have these lovely little finger tips of latex, kind of finger prophylactics, so we can still work in clay and keep our boo-boo's clean.

So I plan to wedge every piece of cold clay that's been sitting for a month on my shelf.  And have something hot to drink!

What do you do to fight the winter doldrums? 


  1. definitely get out of the house and go for a walk or a drive in the country, it's been pretty foggy here so easy to climb back in bed and read a book.

  2. Fight the winter doldrums? Get out and move, I guess, with my own dog and as many others I can manage :)

  3. Thank heavens for a community studio...I had friends to greet me yesterday when I arrived to do my volunteer duties. And today I'm going back to sub for another vol who's subbing for an injured baby sitter for another former pottery studio member. It's such fun to feel part of this pottery family. And I shared on Facebook some of the tools I'm using to keep from being depressed. Linda, you are so right about getting into nature being a big plus for me. But getting into the community studio was also helpful, as long as I know when to say no.

  4. Gary, since I can't figure out how to take the cats for a walk, you can enjoy all those little guys with your walk...I'll just carry my camera. Thanks for letting me know your technique, and both you and Linda are right about just getting out and moving. I'm going, I'm going!

  5. UPDATE: Yesterday I got involved in the studio's heater problems. And then wedged a bit. And actually cleaned off my clay-dusty shelves so I'm ready to work. Just DO IT works!

  6. "Nature abhors a vacuum!" Far be it from me to argue with Aristotle; thus my avoidance of cleaning!
    I use a SAD lamp every morning. It helps enormously. Also having heat in my studio helps.
    Take care. If you can't pot, how about doing some drawings of your wonderful plate designs?


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